Just a quick side note - we do not make you sign a contract. We entrust that you will keep us employed as your preferred professional commercial cleaning service, by giving you the high quality work that we promise.

Remember, we pay special attention to those commonly overlooked areas by most janitorial cleaning services, and we do not rush through the process or cut corners. The owner supervises each and every job to ensure spotless cleaning - which an integral part of our success! We will be sure you are pleased with our quality of work so that you won't need to look any further for a quality professional cleaning service.

Our professional cleaning service is able to provide high quality cleaning for your office or home today!  

Fill out our simple form to provide your contact information, and tell us a little about the space you need cleaned.  We will contact you within 24 hours, and schedule an appointment with you to visit your home or office and provide a free estimate.





You may already have cleaning services provided for your home or office - ask yourself if they are completing a thorough job...





Our professonal cleaning service will strive to do the small things so that you will be pleased with our work.  Allow us to maintain that pristine appearance in your home or office space so that you can focus on the bigger picture!  We have a smaller cleaning staff which allows for better quality, and each and every job is supervised to ensure that quality is delivered!  Our superior service will instill confidence in you that your place will look spick-and-span every time-with our residential cleaning service too.

detailed cleaning


We focus on commonly

overlooked areas by most

janitorial cleaning services such as clean    interior and exterior areas of carpet and glass, disinfect phones and wipe finger-prints  light switches.  Picture frames and tops of file cabinets are dusted and wiped.

  • Restrooms: Thoroughly clean and mop with a germicide; Clean mirrors, partitions, urinals, toilets and sinks using disinfectant/detergents; Refilling of soap and paper products will be performed with supplies furnished by your firm.
  • Remove soil on entrance doorframes, handles, glass and threshold.
  • Sweep surface of immediate exterior entry areas.
  • Leave offices and furniture in a neat orderly fashion.
  • Report any unusual occurrences, malfunctions or damages.
  • Control floor appearance by vacuuming and or sweeping.
  • Mop hard surface floors.
  • Dust and clean horizontal surfaces (cleared surfaces of desks, chairs, tables, filing cabinets, furniture, and
    unobstructed work areas).
  • Sanitize telephones.
  • Empty and damp wipe waste receptacles.
  • Remove smudges around doorjambs, push plates, light switches glass partitions, counters and unobstructed
    work areas.
  • Sanitize and polish all water fountains.

Leave the dirty work to us!  We provide these office cleaning services - all inclusive

superior touch cleaning